With a gracious heart,
We receive from the giving land
what she nurtures to heal.

A scrupulous selection of over 400 of the best medicinal herbs;
An uncompromising commitment to quality, every step along the way,
For the one perfect medicinal decoction. For you.
This is Wellsoon’s exquisite Traditional Chinese Medicine heritage.


About Wellsoon

At Wellsoon, we procure medicinal herbs harvested only at their best prime season. We source directly from farms and all our crude medicines are prepared and processed in strict compliance with the Chinese Pharmacopoeia. Never do we add sulphur dioxide to our herbs to make them mouldproof or mothproof either, because we are adamant about the safety and quality of each and every medicinal decoction we prescribe to our customers.

To ensure that our medicines are derived from a 100% quality-assured supply chain, Wellsoon implements an industry-pioneering traceability mechanism. We can trace by our barcode system every herb back to its source farm, all through shipment, preparation and storage, right up to the time the medical prescription reaches the hands of our customers. We do that not just because we hope to lead by example, but because we believe that it is important to make that human connection between the customers and the growers.

Hong Kong urbanites are often too busy working round-the-clock to properly look after their well-being. That has inspired us to specially create a mobile App for our customers so that they can make appointments for medical consultation and medicine retrieval at their convenience. Our shops are conveniently located along MTR networks, providing professional, personalised and one-stop services to the people of Hong Kong.

Such is Wellsoon’s philosophy in offering exquisite services for Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is a homage to Traditional Chinese Medicine’s rich and profound history and its unique role in our cultural heritage. And this is, above all, a gift to Hong Kong from us.